Services explained in more detail

 Public Relations and marketing communications
As your strategic PR partner, we help you successfully communicate to and with your target audiences. We provide council on internal and external communication taking into account potential outcomes to protect, improve or build your reputation through media and other channels. We work with your business goals to identify news angles and key messages and transform those into positive media stories to encourage desired outcomes amongst target audiences.  This in turn will help establish and maintain relationships with target audiences and media.

 Digital & Social  & Influencer Media + Google Ads
We include content marketing into the mix by repurposing content we already have such as press releases and opinion pieces to communicate with your target audiences directly. We help you upload the original or repurposed content to your website, email it directly to your clients and promote it through social media channels. To ensure your content does not get lost in the noise, we research and identify the online media outlets and social media platforms your audiences read. We also connect with influencers across these channels to gain interest and write about your brand or business. We also work together with you to create successful social media strategies and content calendars. This transforms static news into conversations. We’re Google certified and offer this service to help our clients increase leads and customers and gain in-depth information on target audiences.    

 Media relations
We will introduce your brand or business to targeted editors, reporters and producers and help you build meaningful relationships. Why? Journalists make your story more credible than other form of mass communication.

We have extensive experience in planning, organising and managing flawless events of all types. We also work together with bigger events companies to manage the media relations and publicity for events.

 Copy and content writing
We write whatever copy you need. Our creative, professional writing includes:
Media releases • Opinion pieces and bylines • Media statements • Case studies • Direct mail pieces (EDMs) • Web copy • Social media content (blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, etc) • Advertising copy • Brochures • Letters • e-mails • White papers

Media Training 
Spokespeople should be equipped with techniques to interact effectively with media and be prepared for any contingency in any interview scenario. Media training teaches you how to use a media interview to your advantage, it helps you get your message across, regardless of the questions. Learn to handle difficult or sensitive questions, and how to avoid comments being quoted out of context.

Issues & Crisis
We believe in building up deposits in the target audiences’ relationship piggybank to mitigate how an issue or crisis impacts on reputation, business and brand. Our personalised crisis management plans focuses on these key points: prevention, assessment, handling and response to conclusion. We ‘practice’ the plan with our clients and keep it up to date and we ensure that we are ready to implement in case an emergency intervention is required. 

We work with creative experts to ensure your brand and products get placed in front of your existing and potential customers.

Graphic, Digital & Web design 
Affordable graphic & web design services across the board including corporate identity, advertising, branding, design, and packaging to establish, enhance or compliment your brand by creating a consistent look for your printed identity or product.